Date : April 21st 2011
Where: The Singapore Link’s booth will be near the Guild Shop @ Bush Court
The event is from 10am till 2pm.
We will be selling Singapore Food!
See ya!

We welcome new members to register during the event. $10 fee applies.
(Non-Singaporeans are welcome too!)
More events coming soon!


Event have ended

Thanks to the volunteers and attendees.
Hope you guys had a great evening with you fellow Singaporeans from all the 4 Universities in WA.
Looking forward to see you guys again @ our future events!

Check the poster! Click the link below 🙂
SWR 2011, Perth, W.A.

Dear members & fellow Singaporean students,

Overseas Singaporean Unit (OSU) & High Commissioner of Singapore and supported by the Singapore Students’ Associations of Western Australia will be having a Student Welcome Reception (SWR) 2011 on the 24th of March 2011. It will starts at 6pm and held at the Pan Pacific Hotel (ex Sheraton) @ Perth City. You will have to **RSVP by 18th of March 2011 (Friday, 12 noon). The RSVP form can be access from the following website, .

This event is open only to Singaporeans who are currently studying in any of the Universities located in Western Australia. Its a FREE event! We are looking forward to meet you all at the above event. Cheers!

Secretary of TSL

Dear members,

Please put aside 24th March 2011, Thursday evening, on your calendar. We will provide more information about this event soon. So keep checking this site for new updates & also the walls around campus! Any students who will like to volunteer for this event can email us, with your details. Thank you.

Secretary for TSL

Please inform other Singaporeans about TSL. Cheers!

Allzz Well?

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I am Dannia Menon and I am the current president of The Singapore Link ( TSL) in Murdoch University and on behalf of my committee members, I am pleased to extend my warmest welcome to all returning students and new members (:

So this is it – Another Year, Another Semester. Back to school for some of us and a fresh start for others. I hope each and everyone of you’ll are doing fine and have almost settled in or settling in well into the new environment away from home. Won’t be easy but trust me, it gets easier as time goes by. You’ll just have to get used to it.

This would almost be my third year in Perth and I am just recalling how it was for me to have to leave my comfort zone into an absolute foreign country knowing no one at all. But you know these are one of the many moments in our lives that we tend to hold the strongest meanings close to our hearts.

These are often moments in our lives that we fail to see how things around us change but every so often we forget that these changes, are nothing but the decisions that we have taken upon ourselves. Hence, I am pretty sure that you and I are pretty much on the same boat in that sense. We’ve both decided to take this life altering decision to leave our comfort zone and study abroad.

I know ‘life altering’ may sound a little too exaggerated, but isn’t our lives constantly being exaggerated by everything? Like.. from societal expectations to people’s judgments, from K-pop and Korean reality shows to 3 hr long Indian movies? and come on, who doesn’t care about fashion these days? We’re constantly trying to accessorize ourselves, exaggerating our already dramatic lives. So whether it is small or big, all our decisions that we make and take alters our life one way or rather.

And somehow, it has led us all here, in Murdoch University. Of course we’ve all come here to secure ourselves with that paper that is so valuable in safeguarding our career folds but why compromise? I mean take a look around and tell yourself, you’re in a complete foreign country and this is a fantastic start to anyone and everyone to meet new people, make new contacts, foster friendships, nurture and exchange our cultural values with the others.

You want to make the best of whatever that is being offered here if not whats the point guys, what are ya’ll doing here, don’t you think you should have just stayed back in S’pore or something? Perth is nothing like Singapore, I agree, so why not enjoy it for whatever it is instead. Get engaged, keep urself mentally active ( for one reason that this is PERTH we’re talking about), meet all people from all over the world, enjoy the sky and the stars and Coffee!

Simple rule every Uni Student should live by:
Have Fun! Study Hard, Party Hard(er) ;P

Be part of the culture, be part of everything and make this Home away from Home. I did and I am sure in time, you would too.

It’s just how you want to take it all in.

Got 4 hour lecturers later today. Sianzzz… but till the next time,


PS: POTLUCK @ POOL DECK ON FRIDAY 6PM, Join us if you’re keen and check out our booth on Thursday if you want to join TSL for member benefits.

Dear new members,

We will like to invite you to TSL’s 1st Dinner gathering for the year 2011 @ Freo on Saturday, 12th Feb.
It will be an Italian cuisine, Pizza & Pasta, etc… If you have any allergies or special diet please do inform us earlier. Contact Sahz @ 0431532654. RSVP me with your name so that we can confirm your attendance.
If you have not yet get a number, email us at . Cheers! See ya.

Note: the dinner will be about 25 AUD per pax.

TSL is officially on Twitter

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